Software & Tool Rental

We support exploration drilling projects with a complete range of survey and core orientation tool rental solutions, on-site surveying and geophysical logging services, and HiTT, a unique software solution for borehole management.

HiTT displays the trajectory of the drill hole towards its target and was developed in-house by our Well Force team. Easy to use, it uses proven oilfield minimum curvature method of calculation to provide a 3D view of the borehole progress.

Software and Tool Rental Services

  • Rental, sales and training of core orientation tools, magnetic survey cameras and MEMS gyros
  • HS/HA north seeking gyro survey services
  • Core orientation services
  • Directional drilling equipment and management services
  • Rig aligners and rig alignment services
  • Borehole management using HiTT software
  • Geophysical logging services

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