Capital Drilling

We understand how critical accurate Grade Control drilling is in providing ore body definition and planning an efficient and effective mine site.

When a level is ready to commence Grade Control drilling, our teams will respond rapidly to meet the schedule. We are flexible in reacting to changes as they arise to keep production schedules on target.

Our teams undergo extensive training programs to ensure they deliver a competent drilling service. Accuracy is vital in Grade Control drilling and our crews drill the right hole in the right place, every time to avoid costly re-drills and incorrect information.

Grade Control Drilling Services

  • Advanced / Deep grade control
  • Shallow grade control
  • Reverse circulation
  • Underground diamond drilling

Other Services

  • Downhole survey services *
  • Core orientation services *
  • Borehole management *
  • Rig alignment *
  • Remote mobile communications infrastructure **
  • Safety and security monitoring cameras **
  • Data management and reporting

* Provided via WellForce International
** Provided by Ion Ruggedised Information Systems (IRIS)

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Contact our Grade Control team to ensure an accurate program for your project.


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