At Capital, we are committed to providing career development and training opportunities for our National employees.

Our Tanzanian-based JV partner, International Apprenticeship and Competency Academy Limited (IACA) has recently delivered a number of programs to our Geita Gold Mine team in Tanzania, including the ECITB International Health & Safety Passport Foundation Level 1 via the online platform, as well as ECITB L2 Rigging Training, a combination of theory and practical training.

They are the first company providing training to internationally recognized standards in Tanzania and our team have benefited from the greater skills and knowledge their programs provide.

The training has provided our employees with new rigging skills, and importantly, improved their knowledge of safety techniques, increased safety awareness and provided behaviour-based safety processes to take into the workplace.

Employees who completed the training provided very positive comments about the training delivery but most importantly, reported having more confidence in their capabilities when undertaking rigging tasks. This translates to more competent employees and a safer workplace. 

For more information regarding the training programs offered by IACA, visit their website: