At Capital, we have an uncompromising commitment to the occupational health and safety of our employees and others where we work.

Through our Tanzanian-based JV partner, International Apprenticeship and Competency Academy Limited (IACA) we now have access to an internationally accredited safety training program in Africa.


IACA provides the ECITB International Health & Safety Passport scheme (IHSP). The purpose of this scheme is to provide a consistent, international standard of Health and Safety knowledge worldwide. It will provide a basis for workers to enter a worksite globally with the awareness and skills to work safely and reduce risks for themselves and others on their worksite.

Participants undertake a training course and exam in order to be issued their passport. The passport demonstrates they have achieved the international standard and is transferable worldwide. Passports must also be renewed every three years to ensure currency of participants knowledge and to refresh their skills.

The Health and Safety passport is offered at three levels, Foundation, Advanced and Supervisor levels, and participants must progress through each level before obtaining the higher qualifications.


IACA have introduced an e-learning component to the Health and Safety Passport. We have been the first in the world to enrol our employees.

The convenient e-learning platform has enabled our employees from across our African operations to access and attain their Foundation Level e-IHSP qualification. It has proven an ideal solution for our widely dispersed team to improve their skills and gain internationally accredited Safety Certification and Passports, qualifications that would otherwise not be available in-country. They have been able to complete the course from the convenience of their own office and at times that best fit with their work schedules. For more information regarding the training programs offered by IACA, visit their website: IACA