Capital Drilling

We have achieved some outstanding results for our clients on a variety of projects across the globe.  Our focus on delivering operational excellence, implementing innovative drilling technologies and techniques and a strong commitment to safety ensures we deliver success in even the most challenging environments.

The case studies below highlight some of our achievements in delivering financial benefits, productivity improvements and exceptional safety outcomes to our clients at some of the largest mining operations of their kind in the world.

Safety Risk Leadership Walks (SRLW) Safety Initiative

At Capital Drilling we have an uncompromising commitment to the occupational health and safety of our employees and others where we work.

Our Safety Risk Leadership Walk (SRLW) program is one of a number of safety initiatives we employ. It aims to facilitate specific, direct communication regarding tasks and workplace risks between our employees and our management team.

Read our Case Study to learn more about this important safety initiative.


Capital Mobilises for Complete Drilling Service in Two Months

Robust planning, dedicated logistics management and excellent supplier relationships enabled  Capital to mobilise an additional five production rigs in two months at Anglo Gold Ashanti’s Geita gold mine. Following mobilisation, the company significantly improved drilling efficiency and reduced the total cost of operations for the customer.