We provide full-service mining, drilling, maintenance and geochemical analysis solutions to customers within the minerals industry. 

Our services extend across the mining value chain, from initial exploration drilling to load and haul, providing our customers with a fully integrated mining services solution.

Our reputation is built on an unwavering commitment to safety, delivering professional mining solutions and working closely with our customers to deliver operational efficiencies.

Fully Integrated Range of Mining Services

We have the capacity to offer a fully integrated mining services solution from first stage exploration drilling to delivery of ore to the mill.

This means we have the capacity to work across all facets of your project delivering greater management and communication efficiencies, identification and faster implementation of improvements or changes and a flexible, coordinated approach to ensuring the program remains on schedule.

Young & Expanding Fleet

Our company operates one of the youngest rig fleets in the industry, while our Heavy Mining Equipment fleet is rapidly growing and now includes 834, D9 and D10T bulldozers, 785 and 777 dump trucks and 330, 340, 390, 395, 6020 and 6040 excavators.

Our fleet has a reputation for its quality and reliability as a result of regular maintenance and upgrades. Our equipment is also fitted with the latest technologies for enhanced efficiency, safety and data collection.

Global Experience, African Focus

Our company focuses on the African markets, where we have been operating since 2005.

We have well-established operations across East, North and West Africa including Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Guinea, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Tanzania. 

We take the time to understand local regulations and customs in all countries we operate in. This ensures our activities are compliant and our operations considerate of local traditions.  We experience improved efficiencies, faster project start up and smoother ongoing operations as a result.

Local Community Support

We embrace our role in the communities where we work and recognize the impact our operations can have on local society. We strive to develop strong relationships with these communities and build sustainable value in local regions by providing a range of support to residents, local communities and charity organisations.

In my experience of using the Capital Drilling teams over the last 15  years or so I can honestly say they have some of the best and most positively impactful social programmes for their staff and the communities in which they operate.

It is a comfort to know that your ‘contractors’ are just as focussed on developing and maintaining a project's social license to operate as the owner's teams are.

Well done again to Capital Drilling, setting the standard for the industry.

Tim Livesey

Director and Group CEO, Oriole Resources

Creating Career Opportunities

Our apprenticeship program provides our National employees with the opportunity to travel to Australia to complete internationally recognised qualifications that will provide further career opportunities - not just in their home countries but across Africa and around the world.

This initiative forms part of Capital Limited’s ongoing strategy to provide considerable training and professional development opportunities for its national employee workforce.

Major Clients

Integral to our values is understanding our client’s business’ and delivering solutions tailored to their needs. By focusing on excellence in execution and thorough communication and reporting processes, we have enjoyed long term relationships with some of the world’s largest mining companies.