Capital Drilling

Capital Builds New Orphanage Accommodation in Geita

Capital is committed to providing a positive impact in the areas in which it operates and has established its Community Support Program to facilitate this. Since 2016, our Geita project has supported the Neema House orphanage in the Geita region. 

Neema house is an interim home built to care for orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children aged from newborn to five years old  - it is the only home in the region looking after children under four years old. Originally built to house 20 children, a high demand has seen expansion to now support up to 40 children.

During Q1 2017, Neema House faced an influx of children needing care and approached Darren Mackey (Geita Project Manager) for help. We have provided expertise and labour and construction is currently underway for a new accommodation block for an additional 20 infants. Our employees from Geita also provided  generous donations, which was spent on food and other essential items for the children.

Our support of this program has earned Capital a reputation as a good community citizen for our contribution to improving the quality of life for local citizens, and in turn, we enjoy good will and support from the local community.

On 14th August 2017, Geita Project Manager (Darren Mackey) accompanied a delegation of Capital Drilling employees to Geita town shop to purchase food and child care products from donations given by the company's employees. They also inspected the progress of the accommodation block, which is now complete.