Capital Drilling

'More Than a Drilling Provider'

At Capital, we aim to provide a superior level of service to our clients in such a way that our company is renown for being "more than a drilling provider". 

Strategic Focus Areas

We will maintain our existing strategic focus on increasing utilisation of our fleet, while implementing targeted opportunities to grow our revenue base. 

We will achieve this via the latest technologies, investing in our people and delivering industry leading safety leadership.

Growth Strategy - Existing

Sourcing long-term contracts

  • Mine site based contracts
  • Unrivalled full service offering, including:

    • Blast hole
    • Shot firing
    • Grade control
    • Surface exploration and delineation
    • Underground exploration and grade control

Increase rig utilisation

  • High Performance Rigs
  • Industry leading equipment standards and safety features
  • Significant unutilised capacity available for tendering opportunities

Expanding into West Africa

  • Dominant region for activity on the African continent
  • Traditional market of Ghana now supplemented with rapid growth in Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali

Growth Strategy - New

Strategic partnerships

  • MS Analytical
  • Drill for equity

Ancillary services

  • Cap-Sat Technologies Limited (100%)
  • Well Force International (100%)

Expand capability

  • Expand underground services
  • Explore rock on ground opportunities
  • Extend service offering through JV