Capital Drilling

At Capital, we provide complete exploration and production drilling solutions to customers within the global minerals industry, with a focus on the African markets. Our services include: blast hole, directional, grade control, resource development and underground drilling services, together with geo-technical capabilities.

Our reputation is built on an unwavering commitment to safety, delivering professional drilling solutions – even in the most remote and challenging environments – and going the extra mile to deliver on our customer’s individual requirements.

Young Rig Fleet

Our company operates one of the youngest fleets in the industry and is renown for the quality and reliability of its machinery.

Our fleet undergoes regular upgrades to maintain reliability and mechanical availability. Equipment is also fitted with the latest technologies for enhanced efficiency, safety and data collection.

Our fleet of 93* rigs includes:

  • 25 Blast Hole Rigs
  • 47 Diamond Rigs
  • 14 Reverse Circulation / Grade Control Rigs
  • 7 Underground Rigs

*Current at April 2018

Global Operations

We have extensive experience in diverse operational environments – particularly emerging markets within Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America.

We take the time to understand local regulations and customs in all countries we operate in. This ensures our activities are compliant and our operations considerate of local traditions.  We experience improved efficiencies, faster project start up and smoother ongoing operations as a result.

Major Clients

Integral to our values is understanding our client’s business’ and delivering solutions tailored to their needs. By focusing on excellence in execution and thorough communication and reporting processes, we have enjoyed long term relationships with some of the world’s largest mining companies.